11 Ways to Be a Blessing in 10 Seconds

Praise God the Missions Conference in Auburn went off without a hitch!  Cliff taught on two separate topics both pertaining to the internet and social networking effects on society as well as Government.  We had a wonderful repose from those in attendance and enjoyed the other conference speakers as well.

The main speaker was a man named Jeff Meyers from a ministry called Passing the Baton.  His 11 ways to be a blessing in 10 seconds was something that both Cliff and I hope to put into practice and so we share it with you here….

11 Ways to Be A Blessing in 10 Seconds

1.  Listen: “Tell me whats important to you?”
2.  Give a blessing: “Has anyone told you that you have the gift of…?”
3.  Affirm: “Here’s something about you that makes a great deal of difference to me…”
4.  Be Transparent: “I’ve made mistakes in my own life and I’d hate to see you go down the same path.
5.  Pray: “I’m not sure what to do either.  Can I pray with you about that?”
6.  Encourage: “I know its tough but I know you can.”
7.  Teach: “May I share with you a scripture verse that has been important to me?”
8.  Sponsor: I know someone who can help.  Would you be interested in my putting you in touch with them?”
9.  Admonish: “You were running a good race.  Who cut in on you?”
10.  Love: “No matter what, I’ll be here”
11.  Walk along side: “Let’s go together”

It is definitely important to be a blessing to those around us and its simple, start with 10 seconds, that could lead you to 10 minutes to bless someone and then do it for ten days!  Who knows where it could lead!

Blessings to you, We believe you will be a blessing beyond what you already are.


An Introduction to the Ministry Team of Cliff and Amaris Davis

Cliff and I will be attending a Missions Conference this weekend at our church in Auburn, we put together this little introduction to our ministry leading up to now and our vision for the beyond.  Thought it might be nice to add here.  Happy reading 🙂

A bit about us…
In 2001, Cliff and Amaris Davis were both students of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) at Youth With a Mission’s (YWAM) University of the Nations (but were not married at the time).  During the school both knew that they wanted to come back on staff with the SBS, and that teaching the Bible would be part of the rest of their lives.  Immediately following their SBS, Amaris joined staff in Kona for two years which lead to her moving to the Philippines as a full time missionary for five years.  In that time she re-pioneered the SBS at the Antipolo Training Center just outside of Metro Manila.

Amaris ran two full nine month schools before moving back to Los Angeles and marrying Cliff on October 30, 2010.

Cliff came back on SBS staff in Kona in 2003.  During his time in Kona he was introduced to Bible Storying by a ministry called ‘One Story’ out of Tyler, Texas.  The storying concept helped Cliff to see the  value in using storying in the SBS for the transmission of the gospel.  Cliff had already had it in his heart to do ministry using a chronological method but the details of it were not yet clear to him.

In 2006 Cliff and his good friend Bryan Appelt began a ministry out of Kona called ‘Mobile Word’ which functions as an outreach department of SBS.  The heart of Mobile Word was to follow the commission of Acts 1:8–  taking Bible teaching to the rest of the schools at YWAM Kona (“Jerusalem”),  to the surrounding area of the big island of Hawaii (Judea and Samaria), and ultimately to ‘the ends of the earth’ (the Nations!).  Mobile Word still runs in Kona to this day.

In 2007 Cliff was invited to come to YWAM in Los Angeles to run an SBS.  He took that opportunity to pioneer a new version of SBS by teaching the books of the Bible in a chronological format.  So began the  first-ever Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS).  Along with the CSBS Cliff also started a division of Mobile Word in LA.

What’s happening now…
Since its beginning in 2007; Cliff has run three full nine- month schools with a grand total of about 50 students from seven different nations and sending students to multiple nations on short term outreaches after the school.  The fourth CSBS is now in progress

with 12 students who plan to go on outreaches to China, Jordan and Kenya.

The CSBS staff this year have huge vision.  Of the six staff Cliff currently has working with him, one couple plans to plant a school in Tijuana, Mexico this next year; another couple hopes to start a school in the Middle East.  And still another couple plans to start a school in Japan.   Cliff is also in the process of creating a 4-month version of the traditional 9-month school to allow people with less time to still be able to study all the way through the Bible chronologically.  The nine month school in LA will be taken over by two of Cliff’s previous students.

Our Vision…
We’re excited to see young people come and get grounded in the Word with CSBS, then take that vision and reproduce it in nations around the world.  It is on our heart to help many pioneer these schools around the world.  In the less than four months that we have been married, we have had the privilege to teach in many different locations, including Mexico, as well as in a CSBS for Churches,  pioneered by one of Cliff’s former students among  Korean  churches throughout Los Angeles.

Young People around the world desperately need to have their minds and hearts shaped by God’s Word.   There are many powerful  competitors vying to shape their worldviews.  Both Cliff and Amaris have committed their lives to the task of fighting for GOD’s worldview- a Biblical worldview- and creating new and better ways to inspire and equip and send out missionaries with His Message.   With your support, our success will transform the future of nations.

What is the CSBS?
The Chronological School of Biblical Studies is a nine month long training program offered by Youth With A Mission.   Students begin in Genesis and go chronologically through all 66 books of the Bible with an inductive Bible study message.  Inductive Bible Study uses three main steps of Observation, Interpretation, and Application.  Students graduate with a solid understanding of the whole of the Bible. 

For more information on Chronological SBS, Mobile Word and Storying, please visit our website at:  www.csbsla.org

Blessing Others- Teaching Truth

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would want people to say about you at your funeral?  When your life finally comes to an end, there will be certain things that will be remembered about your life.  Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, asks his readers to take a moment and think on their eulogy.

Cliff and I were at a small group last night and were going through this exercise.  I could not help but remember a truth that was long ago engraved in my heart that, ‘people are our greatest treasure.’ It caused me to believe that at the end of my life, if someone stands up and says that my life blessed their life, then mine was a life worth living.

Together, Cliff and I have dedicated our lives to bless others.  Currently we are working under the umbrella of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), running Chronological Schools of Biblical Studies (CSBS), but on a bigger picture our heart is to teach people truth.  In 2001 when we both were student in YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies our lives were impacted in a way that we knew teaching the Bible was a most valuable thing to invest our lives into.

Working in a global mission organization many people talk about Changing the World and Discipling Nations.  I spent nearly 5 years in the Philippines wanting to see the nation transformed for the glory of God.  When I would sit down and really break down how I could practically do it I came to the conclusion that Nations are made up of people.  People have beliefs that cause them to act certain ways.  Teaching truth, I found, was one powerful way to transform nations.  Teaching people truth would in turn affect the way that they thought and then change how they acted, eventually changing their nations.  Get enough people thinking the right way- based on Biblical Truth- and the nation would be transformed.

In 1948, Richard M. Weaver, published a book entitled, ‘Ideas have consequences’.   True Ideas, Biblically based ideas, taught to the hearts of individuals will impact a nation.  Small things, I believe, make big differences.  I like to think of a dripping faucet (our shower is actually dripping right now).  It’s easy to think its only one small drop and thus insignificant.  But if you were to place a bucket under that dripping faucet for a night, by morning the bucket could be full.  The small, seemingly insignificant drop of water collected over time can create a big body of water.  This is how I see truth being walked out by individuals who make up a nation.  Get enough people walking out small steps of truth in things that on their own may seem insignificant and in time a whole nation will be transformed.

Cliff and I are excited as we begin our lives together, to minister together, to see and discover more of what God has called us to do together.   Our heart is to bless people by teaching truth.   We trust it will change nations as it impacts individuals one at a time.  Our blog is a way to communicate the things God brings us to and teaches us and this is only the beginning….

A glance at February…
6th~ Cliff preached at Chapel of the Hills in Sunland, CA
7-9th~Cliff taught Daniel in the Chronological School of Biblical Studies.  Lake View Terrace, CA
15th~ Cliff teaches in YWAM LA’s Discipleship Training School on Justice
18-19th~ Cliff teaches at Auburn Grace’s Mission’s Conference.  Auburn, CA
21-24th~ Cliff teach Romans in the Business Eagle CSBS. Pasadena, CA