Blessing Others- Teaching Truth

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would want people to say about you at your funeral?  When your life finally comes to an end, there will be certain things that will be remembered about your life.  Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, asks his readers to take a moment and think on their eulogy.

Cliff and I were at a small group last night and were going through this exercise.  I could not help but remember a truth that was long ago engraved in my heart that, ‘people are our greatest treasure.’ It caused me to believe that at the end of my life, if someone stands up and says that my life blessed their life, then mine was a life worth living.

Together, Cliff and I have dedicated our lives to bless others.  Currently we are working under the umbrella of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), running Chronological Schools of Biblical Studies (CSBS), but on a bigger picture our heart is to teach people truth.  In 2001 when we both were student in YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies our lives were impacted in a way that we knew teaching the Bible was a most valuable thing to invest our lives into.

Working in a global mission organization many people talk about Changing the World and Discipling Nations.  I spent nearly 5 years in the Philippines wanting to see the nation transformed for the glory of God.  When I would sit down and really break down how I could practically do it I came to the conclusion that Nations are made up of people.  People have beliefs that cause them to act certain ways.  Teaching truth, I found, was one powerful way to transform nations.  Teaching people truth would in turn affect the way that they thought and then change how they acted, eventually changing their nations.  Get enough people thinking the right way- based on Biblical Truth- and the nation would be transformed.

In 1948, Richard M. Weaver, published a book entitled, ‘Ideas have consequences’.   True Ideas, Biblically based ideas, taught to the hearts of individuals will impact a nation.  Small things, I believe, make big differences.  I like to think of a dripping faucet (our shower is actually dripping right now).  It’s easy to think its only one small drop and thus insignificant.  But if you were to place a bucket under that dripping faucet for a night, by morning the bucket could be full.  The small, seemingly insignificant drop of water collected over time can create a big body of water.  This is how I see truth being walked out by individuals who make up a nation.  Get enough people walking out small steps of truth in things that on their own may seem insignificant and in time a whole nation will be transformed.

Cliff and I are excited as we begin our lives together, to minister together, to see and discover more of what God has called us to do together.   Our heart is to bless people by teaching truth.   We trust it will change nations as it impacts individuals one at a time.  Our blog is a way to communicate the things God brings us to and teaches us and this is only the beginning….

A glance at February…
6th~ Cliff preached at Chapel of the Hills in Sunland, CA
7-9th~Cliff taught Daniel in the Chronological School of Biblical Studies.  Lake View Terrace, CA
15th~ Cliff teaches in YWAM LA’s Discipleship Training School on Justice
18-19th~ Cliff teaches at Auburn Grace’s Mission’s Conference.  Auburn, CA
21-24th~ Cliff teach Romans in the Business Eagle CSBS. Pasadena, CA


One thought on “Blessing Others- Teaching Truth

  1. Thanks for the update. So an Eagles Korean school in LA? Hum. We are excited about the new school in mexico. Can you please encourage Jesse to have it in Spanish or at least Spanish and English.
    So what are you up to. Are you gong to run the new 4 month school you are developing? Who will run SBS after Jesse leaves.
    Very exciting about all the places where SBS will be pioneered from your school.
    Love, Judy

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