An Introduction to the Ministry Team of Cliff and Amaris Davis

Cliff and I will be attending a Missions Conference this weekend at our church in Auburn, we put together this little introduction to our ministry leading up to now and our vision for the beyond.  Thought it might be nice to add here.  Happy reading 🙂

A bit about us…
In 2001, Cliff and Amaris Davis were both students of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) at Youth With a Mission’s (YWAM) University of the Nations (but were not married at the time).  During the school both knew that they wanted to come back on staff with the SBS, and that teaching the Bible would be part of the rest of their lives.  Immediately following their SBS, Amaris joined staff in Kona for two years which lead to her moving to the Philippines as a full time missionary for five years.  In that time she re-pioneered the SBS at the Antipolo Training Center just outside of Metro Manila.

Amaris ran two full nine month schools before moving back to Los Angeles and marrying Cliff on October 30, 2010.

Cliff came back on SBS staff in Kona in 2003.  During his time in Kona he was introduced to Bible Storying by a ministry called ‘One Story’ out of Tyler, Texas.  The storying concept helped Cliff to see the  value in using storying in the SBS for the transmission of the gospel.  Cliff had already had it in his heart to do ministry using a chronological method but the details of it were not yet clear to him.

In 2006 Cliff and his good friend Bryan Appelt began a ministry out of Kona called ‘Mobile Word’ which functions as an outreach department of SBS.  The heart of Mobile Word was to follow the commission of Acts 1:8–  taking Bible teaching to the rest of the schools at YWAM Kona (“Jerusalem”),  to the surrounding area of the big island of Hawaii (Judea and Samaria), and ultimately to ‘the ends of the earth’ (the Nations!).  Mobile Word still runs in Kona to this day.

In 2007 Cliff was invited to come to YWAM in Los Angeles to run an SBS.  He took that opportunity to pioneer a new version of SBS by teaching the books of the Bible in a chronological format.  So began the  first-ever Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS).  Along with the CSBS Cliff also started a division of Mobile Word in LA.

What’s happening now…
Since its beginning in 2007; Cliff has run three full nine- month schools with a grand total of about 50 students from seven different nations and sending students to multiple nations on short term outreaches after the school.  The fourth CSBS is now in progress

with 12 students who plan to go on outreaches to China, Jordan and Kenya.

The CSBS staff this year have huge vision.  Of the six staff Cliff currently has working with him, one couple plans to plant a school in Tijuana, Mexico this next year; another couple hopes to start a school in the Middle East.  And still another couple plans to start a school in Japan.   Cliff is also in the process of creating a 4-month version of the traditional 9-month school to allow people with less time to still be able to study all the way through the Bible chronologically.  The nine month school in LA will be taken over by two of Cliff’s previous students.

Our Vision…
We’re excited to see young people come and get grounded in the Word with CSBS, then take that vision and reproduce it in nations around the world.  It is on our heart to help many pioneer these schools around the world.  In the less than four months that we have been married, we have had the privilege to teach in many different locations, including Mexico, as well as in a CSBS for Churches,  pioneered by one of Cliff’s former students among  Korean  churches throughout Los Angeles.

Young People around the world desperately need to have their minds and hearts shaped by God’s Word.   There are many powerful  competitors vying to shape their worldviews.  Both Cliff and Amaris have committed their lives to the task of fighting for GOD’s worldview- a Biblical worldview- and creating new and better ways to inspire and equip and send out missionaries with His Message.   With your support, our success will transform the future of nations.

What is the CSBS?
The Chronological School of Biblical Studies is a nine month long training program offered by Youth With A Mission.   Students begin in Genesis and go chronologically through all 66 books of the Bible with an inductive Bible study message.  Inductive Bible Study uses three main steps of Observation, Interpretation, and Application.  Students graduate with a solid understanding of the whole of the Bible. 

For more information on Chronological SBS, Mobile Word and Storying, please visit our website at:


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