11 Ways to Be a Blessing in 10 Seconds

Praise God the Missions Conference in Auburn went off without a hitch!  Cliff taught on two separate topics both pertaining to the internet and social networking effects on society as well as Government.  We had a wonderful repose from those in attendance and enjoyed the other conference speakers as well.

The main speaker was a man named Jeff Meyers from a ministry called Passing the Baton.  His 11 ways to be a blessing in 10 seconds was something that both Cliff and I hope to put into practice and so we share it with you here….

11 Ways to Be A Blessing in 10 Seconds

1.  Listen: “Tell me whats important to you?”
2.  Give a blessing: “Has anyone told you that you have the gift of…?”
3.  Affirm: “Here’s something about you that makes a great deal of difference to me…”
4.  Be Transparent: “I’ve made mistakes in my own life and I’d hate to see you go down the same path.
5.  Pray: “I’m not sure what to do either.  Can I pray with you about that?”
6.  Encourage: “I know its tough but I know you can.”
7.  Teach: “May I share with you a scripture verse that has been important to me?”
8.  Sponsor: I know someone who can help.  Would you be interested in my putting you in touch with them?”
9.  Admonish: “You were running a good race.  Who cut in on you?”
10.  Love: “No matter what, I’ll be here”
11.  Walk along side: “Let’s go together”

It is definitely important to be a blessing to those around us and its simple, start with 10 seconds, that could lead you to 10 minutes to bless someone and then do it for ten days!  Who knows where it could lead!

Blessings to you, We believe you will be a blessing beyond what you already are.


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