A Ministry Team back in business!

In 2001 we first met in Hawaii;
In 2003 we both staffed together in Hawaii;
In 2010 we met again in Hawaii -one flying from Asia, the other from the US.
In 2011 we both taught in Hawaii, our first married trip!

Monday we arrived back from Kona, Hawaii; marking our first trip where both Cliff and I were able to teach!  Cliff teaching Amos and I taught Hosea.  We lingered a bit after our teaching to celebrate our first anniversary!  Amazing how time flies and how long its been since our last post, but alas; the wait ends!  Equipped with a new birthday computer, the days of lacking communication come to an abrupt end!

In quick review, last August Cliff and I moved onto the LA base.
Cliff is now a part of the leadership team and the legal board of the base.
I am currently working at Trader Joe’s but am in transition to full time with Youth With A Mission LA- to fully commence in 2012 when we will be running a Core Course of the Chronological School of Biblical Studies, bringing the nine-month down to 14 weeks.

This will mark the first time Cliff and I work together married in a school.  Our heart is for transformation: first of the young people who we teach and then onto the nations through them.  We believe in Biblical Teaching, equipping individuals with the how and what of scripture-teaching and truth- and seeing that applied to life for transformation.

We’re doing it!

We’re excited about a school recently started in Tijuana, ran and staffed by staff and students of Cliff’s previous schools and are traveling a bit to help them out and teach.  Cliff will head out Wednesday to teach Deuteronomy and Amaris the end of November to teach Kings.  God is moving!

We are also excited about our upcoming school this January.  We’re busy and moving in the direction God is leading us into:

A ministry team for transformation.

We covet your prayers and partnership!
Feel free to contact us at cliffandamaris@gmail.com!

Love and Blessings

Cliff and Amaris Davis


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