Its A First!

This morning Cliff and I had the privilege, for the first time actually, to teach TOGETHER in a DTS on the topic of Inductive Bible Study. Its so excited to work together! It is definitely the future 🙂 !!!  We know God brought us together to work together as a team for His glory!

The 50 DTS students respondedwellto the teaching (and Cliff’s humor) .  We hoped to stir in them strong desires to study the Bible, leftthem with tools to study the Bible for themselves inductively, AND they are currently studying the book of PHILEMON for themselves.  Funny thing is some of them had never even heard of the book! How fun!

If you haven’t read Philemon before, give it a try. Even if you have, read it again! Philemon speaks about Reconciliation and Forgiveness.

The Seven Step we taught…
1. Pray – before and during study.
2. Read the whole book- preferably in one sitting and aloud
3. Types of literature– Philemon is a letter, remember its written FOR you but not TO                                                 you!
4. Historical Background/ Context– understand those the book was written to

5. Observation– Take time to notice whats happening:
Who? What? Where? When? Why?
6. Interpretation–  Ask the question WHY? Connect what you observe to the context to                                        understand for the original reader.
7. Application!  Let it change your life!

Try it yourself today or write us if you want to know more!

Many blessing and Happy Bible Study,
Cliff and Amaris Davis


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