Where Does All this “Should” Come From?


The young people Amaris and I work with (that’s 2 sentences I’ve ended a preposition with 😉  have a commendable zeal for  issues in today’s society- a lot of “shoulds”.  But when confronted with the question “why?”, they have few answers.  This may be a common condition for zealous teens of all generations, but no generation in human history  has had a world– no, a UNIVERSE–  of instantaneous information held under their maniacally texting fingertips.   (There is someone to blame for this generation’s ignorance of the “Why’s” of life, and we’ll see who in a bit…)

So, Amaris and I teach our students that God’s Word teaches truths in the context of real peoples’ lives. We teach students that, through the Biblical Authors and Prophets, God’s Holy Spirit breathes the “Why’s” that were the foundation of the Godly  “shoulds” that drove the faithful believers who received His Word.

Unfortunately, our young people have been raised in a global society that teaches that there is no “Truth”.  This is why the “Occupiers” often give a blank stare and a slogan when asked to explain their alternative economic model.  This is also why young people are often pro- gay-marriage, pro- hyper-sexuality, yet anti- “sex-trafficking”, but can’t perceive that all these evils come from the same root (the destruction of the family).

But Amaris and I refuse to quench our students’ “shoulds”!  Their zeal is the answer to the enemy’s truthless relativism- but only if it is redirected to God’s Word!

Our hope and goal is that our students see the enemy’s “why”less-ness clearly, because they’ve met the “Truth”– God’s Word in flesh– Jesus!

Then, when they do ( and THEY DO, don’t give up hope!) meet Him in His Word, and begin to understand why Jesus’ Spirit gives the REAL zeal for families, and justice, and economic honesty and integrity, then this generation of young people morphs into world-changers!!

The enemy meant their reasonless zeal to be used for destructive purposes: like the Bolsheviks, the Hitler youth, Mao’s Red Guard, Pol Pot’s Khmer,  and so on, throughout history…

But this generation, when properly equipped with Jesus’ loving Truth, with answers from His Word, WILL be an INFORMED force that can REFORM the issues that plague our global society, and become a witness of the presence of Jesus’ Kingdom in their forgiven hearts.

Hence, the “7 Mountains of Culture” Bible book mark in the photo above.  It was given to our Discipleship Training School students here at YWAM LA.  Though I don’t entirely agree with some theological aspects of the current movement (specifically the reconstructionist/dominionist elements), there is absolutely no doubt in Amaris’ and my  mind that Jesus wants his people to be salt and light in EVERY area of society.  Jesus wants these young people to reach the Lost- their  “why-less” peers- before the enemy can mobilize their “shoulds” to destructive ends.

Only the Truth, the Word in Flesh, can answer the “Why’s” of the world!  Please pray for our Biblical Studies schools!

God bless you,



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