A New Way of Missions

History of Modern Missions
History tells us of great Missionaries such a William Carey who is called ‘the father of modern missions’.  Carey’s work in India transformed the nation from the Government to the Languages.  Hutson Taylor is another missionary hero who wasn’t content with simply reaching the edges of China and bravely forged into Inland China.  He eventually founded China Inland Missions.

A Change took place
Originally missions was started in the West, for example, England sending missionaries to people in the East to bring the message of Jesus’ saving grace.  Over time the East began to grasp Christianity and we see now that West slowly loosing it.  Now, through organizations such as YWAM, people in the East are coming to do Missions in the West.

I had the privilege of serving with YWAM in the Philippines for five years.  When I first moved there, God spoke to me that my work in Asia was in the long run an investment in my own country, the USA.  I believe that as quickly as the West is losing Christianity, the East is gaining it and in time, the East will re-evangelize the West.  It is already happening.  I personally know a number of Filipinos serving as missionaries in the United States and Norway.  The times are changing!

From Rural to Cities
Faster than you can imagine, people are moving from rural living into Cities.  Statistics say that by the end of 2011 nearly 50% of China’s population was urban, predictions state that it will rise to 70% by 2035 (Wikipedia).  The point being that people are moving to cities!  This is the new phase of missions.  In Los Angeles today, nearly every nation of the world is represented.  Without ever getting on a plane, children in schools interact with more nations than many will ever travel to in their lifetime.  Instead of having to go to the nations, the nations are coming to us!!!!

All around us are opportunities to interact with the Nations and share the truth about Jesus! Think about it…


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