A Trip, a Project, a Mission…

A Book.
A Facebook friend.
A Lecture.
A Visit.
A Question….

…and Cliff and Amaris are off to Cambridge, England to work alongside Vishal Mangalwadi, the author of The Book That Made Your World:  How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.  Cliff and Amaris both read this book and said, “We would love to work with this man.” It is rare that a dream of that sort comes to be…

Cliff friended Vishal Mangalwadi on Facebook and saw that Vishal would be lecturing at Azusa Pacific University. So they got a gang together and went to listen.  They met Vishal and  asked if he and his wife, Ruth, would like to come visit the YWAM location in Los Angeles.

They did come to visit, they enjoyed the time immensely, and before leaving Vishal asked Cliff, “Can you write your book in England?”

The Garden Heart:  Cliff’s Book.
Cliff has had a book on his heart and in his mind since before he and Amaris even started dating.  Its a collection of truth gathered from his studying of Genesis 1-4 and his background in Law as an Attorney.  The Garden Heart seeks to explain the worldview of  the Author of Genesis 1-4 and use his account of Mankind’s Creation and Fall to discover God’s original intent for government.

One of the focuses of this trip is for Cliff to complete this book.  It is hoped that the completion of the book will expand Cliff and Amaris’ sphere of influence to impact people with Biblical truth.

An End Makes Way for a Beginning
April 12th will mark the completion of our first 14 Week Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC).  It also marks the completion of Cliff’s original vision  to pioneer the  Chronological version of YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (CSBS).  In his 5 years as staff at YWAM Los Angeles, Cliff has run four Nine-month CSBS’s and one CBCC.  The next CSBS will begin

in September 2012 and will be run by a wonderful couple who have both taken the CSBS and staffed alongside Cliff and Amaris.  It is a tremendously joyous occasion to see the School entrusted to such capable and precious hands.

This ‘passing of the baton’ of the nine- month school in Los Angeles is an end that makes a way for a new Beginning…

A Beginning
Since the beginning of Cliff and Amaris’ collaboration (aka marriage) they have worked to  ‘wrap-up’ Cliff’s pioneering work in LA.  Now is the time for God to bring both into a shared ministry, together.  Cliff and Amaris have it in their hearts to take the 14 week CBCC and multiply it in many nations, while keeping Los Angeles as a home base.  England is an opportunity to do that!

The Plan
 For three months beginning this May, Cliff and Amaris are off to England to work with Vishal and his wife Ruth as Vishal prepares for a series of 16 lectures at Cambridge University.  The lectures are in anticipation of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Cliff will focus on completing his book and Amaris will help Vishal with his research for the lecture series.

This trip is also a scouting mission for Cliff and Amaris to look into running a 12 week Bible read through for pastors.  The vision is to create  a sabbatical for pastors to come and be refreshed, encouraged and transformed through Biblical truth. They hope to inspire pastors worldwide with Cambridge University’s centuries-long Christian heritage, and infuse them with the certainty of God’s Biblical plan to transform nations through the Truth of the Gospel.  Cliff and Amaris are very experienced in facilitating a chronological read-through of God’s Word- His most crucial tool for this transformation.

Christian Heritage

Christian Heritage U.K. is the ministry that has invited Vishal to deliver his lectures in the heart of Cambridge, England.  Their ministry centers around the “Round Church”, a historical landmark (seen at left) which serves as a visitors’ center and offers local tours of the Christian history of Cambridge.  The ministry also offers lectures and courses that teach Biblical truth and seek to educate students and visitors alike in a biblical worldview.
To find out more, visit their website at:


Vishal Mangalwadi 

Vishal is an international lecturer, social reformer and a cultural and political columnist.  He has authored thirteen books.  God has given Vishal great vision for the West to come back to its Biblical Heritage.  Having been born in India and studied in India and Switzerland, Vishal has a wealth of wisdom and understanding.  His heart is to see Truth return to the West is also heavy on the hearts of Cliff and Amaris.

To read more about Vishal Mangalwadi and his books and Vision, please visit his website:

Partner with Cliff and Amaris
This is the beginning of the next step in the ministry adventures of Cliff and Amaris.  Both have successfully run Bible Schools individually and are now working together to continue to bring the Truth of scripture into the lives of individuals for transformation.  They love what they do and believe God has bigger spheres of influence for them together as a ministry team.  Their prayer is that the completion of Cliff’s book and the partnership with Vishal Mangalwadi and Christian Heritage U.K. will also further the plans of God for their lives.


Please pray and consider joining Cliff and Amaris’ ministry as Ministry Partners.
– Keep the ministry of Cliff and Amaris in your prayers.
– Give a one time gift toward their ministry project in Cambridge England.
– Give monthly financial support.

Thank you!

 Gifts can be made by Paypal on this Blog
or send checks made out to “Youth With A Mission”
and sent to:
11141 Osborne St
Lake View Terrace, Ca 91342
please include a note indicating the support is meant for Cliff and Amaris Davis

Feel free to email Cliff and Amaris at cliffandamaris@gmail.com


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