Thank you for praying for the book project: The Garden Heart.

Image Though I have collected notes for this book over the last five years, I was greatly surprised at how much preparation I had yet to do.  Throughout this three month writing trip to Cambridge, each week seemed to reveal a brand new, and completely necessary, subject matter that required study before I could move forward with the book.    I had to study the Enlightenment in depth, because that is when Scriptural truth was torn from the mind of the Western world.  My goal for this book is to reverse that event-  specifically, to start the process by reintroducing the beauty and power of the Biblical Creation narrative to public dialogue in the West first, but then to the nations who are hungry for Biblical transformation of their cultures.  

 I was woefully unready.  

I needed to study the “phenomenology of spirit” (thanks, Hegel), and dialectics, and semiotics, and the rest of the academic toolbox of the “philosophy of history”, because they are the root system of the Giant Sequoia of postmodern relativism that casts its shadow over today’s academic institutions.   This study was important for me, because I have to explain the poetic elements of the Creation narrative in order to apply the truths God was communicating with them.  

 I also had to study Christian authors who have used Genesis in different ways over the millennia-  for devotionals, scientific apologetics, for linguistics, and for many other purposes-  because I needed to know exactly what has already been written, and there is a LOT OF IT!  Still, my book survived with its own unique message, thank the Lord…  

 I also needed to study several other cultures which paralleled Israel’s philosophical and religious development, in order to make honest contrasts and comparisons to their  different Creation narratives.

 Throughout those discoveries, struggles, doubts, and even a few crises, the Lord met me with the answers I needed.  Several times, the answers took way too long in my opinion, but that was because I was impatient to finish the book before returning home.

 Thank you for your prayers.  I want to ask to to re-direct those prayers toward our fellow believers with influential teaching roles in the the Body of Christ.  Pray for a Reformation to follow the Revival which seems to be the emphasis of popular Christian teaching and writing.  Pray for the Gospel to mature in the hearts of Jesus’ followers, so we begin to step out into the servant/leadership of our communities.  Pray for the Biblical Story of Mankind to be celebrated as the Light that reveals other, competing worldviews as darkness.  Pray for the boldness to continue teaching the Light of the Gospel’s transforming power for every community-  because the response of Darkness will always be persecution.  

 I have a book deadline for Christmas. I will always be giving two “test-run” teachings of the book material- one here in LA (thanks Benjie), and one in Nigeria (see the newsletter for this new project).  



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