HOPE for England

I’ve often heard it said, “Hopes for the future color one’s view of the present.”  The Bible tells us, that “Hope does not disappoint”  (Romans 5:5)  Hope, I believe, is like a heartbeat for humans.  Without it people seem to shrivel up and die; like a plant without water, but with Hope, they have something to live for, a drive that keeps them going.   Hope is a big motivator as I think of Cliff and I going off to England this coming fall.  Hope in Jesus and all that He has done, can do, and is doing in Europe.

This morning I was with a group of people from all over the western world; Switzerland, Norway, England, Germany and America .  We joined together to intercede  for Europe.  We began sharing one by one the prayer point we felt God speaking to us for Europe.  Many of those in my group shared about how their country needed this or lacked that.  It was hard not to suddenly feel hopeless for change.  Hope I realized is what this Continent  needs.   The ‘good’ my be small, but in reality when we come together to pray, we MUST focus on these positive things, no matter how small.  Call me an optimist, but I believe its true.  I know the character of our God and He can use even the smallest of groups, or the smallest sliver of willingness in individuals.  England and Europe are not without HOPE!  But when we feel there is no Hope, that is when there might actually be no Hope.

I want to share for a moment from my heart, not perfectly researched material, but what I feel God is speaking to Cliff and I about England.   Over the summer in Cambridge, we learned loads about the history.  In America something old has been around for maybe 200 years, but in England its sometimes over a 1.000 years!  While Jesus walked the earth, the Romans were in England.  The first Martyr of England, St. Alban, was over 1,500 years ago.  What a history!  And honestly, learning about it I felt a great weight upon my shoulders.  England has an old history, but throughout the years and all the changes of the world, England has stood strong as a Bulwark for Christianity.  In some of their beautiful cathedrals, people have been worshiping God for 1,000 years and more.  True it may be seeped in tradition and highly liturgical, but they are speaking truth.  When breathed upon anew by the Holy Spirit, the truth spoken is powerful!  All this to say, there is HOPE for England.  Although few in number, there is a community of believers who are praying and working hard to bring a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit back to these lands where the Gospel first came long ago.  England was at the forefront of modern day missions, I pray that it will step into that role again!

God bless England, Jesus bring life to those who speak your truth everyday, to those who teach in the schools, to those who pray daily for a revival of this land!  I pray that Hope may arise to see what the LIVING GOD can do!

I remain Hopeful both for England and for America.  When I look at the God I serve, I know this HOPE is not misplaced.  I am so excited and blessed to be able to be a part of God bringing a revival of truth and the Holy Spirit to England!

May HOPE fill your hearts today, knowing we are never hopeless with Jesus, and that hope does not disappoint us.  Sometimes a little Hope is all we need.  May your hopes today for the future, color your view of today!




Renewing the Love

Renewing the Love

Cliff and I had an opportunity to renew our vows along with our fellow married staff at Youth With A Mission Los Angeles. What a blessing to have a partner in life and ministry! We feel so blessed!