Revival & Reformation Chronological Bible Core Course (R&R CBCC) Cambridge

Cliff & Amaris in Cambridge England: Week One

August 14 Arrived in England & took the coach to Cambridge!


Amaris with our luggage after just arriving in Cambridge.

*So glorious to be back in Cambridge with a Bible Program on its way!  We were warmly welcomed by John and Inge Rudduck, with whom we are staying over the next 6 months.  Our new home is called The Oak Villa, formerly a “semi- detached” (meaning two homes connected by a shared wall, but recently renovated into one large, beautiful home) with 8 bedrooms and 5 baths.  In addition, a garden that stretches 1/8 of a mile long!!!


The beginning of the garden

the Oak Villa

August 15-19 Time spent getting over Jet lag & Setting up our home!


Cliff & John setting up our bed

* England is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles & traveling east is quite a challenge!  One night you can sleep, the next you can’t, the voila! You’re adjusted.  One thing you need is a good bed!

August 16 Joined the Friday Prayer Meeting


John & Inge, our hosts, praying.

*Members of various churches and Christian groups have been meeting for prayer each Friday for a number of years.  On our previous trip to Cambridge we had frequently joined so it was wonderful to reconnect.  The prayers of these faithful few are paving the way for Truth to be declared & people to know Christ in Cambridge.  How valuable in a city where the greatest minds of the next generation are being molded.  I can honestly say nothing is more welcoming than being prayed for!

August 17&18 Bicycles: Our main form of transportation.


Amaris' bike complete with a wicker basket.

*Cambridge is a cycling community.  University students are actually not allowed to own cars, and only public transportation is permitted within the city center.  Most transportation is done on Bicycles.  It’s good fun and exercise, especially up the hill to our home.  We live 3 miles ride from Cambridge City center.

August 18 Volunteered @ the Round Church with Christian Heritage

*Last summer while in Cambridge, Amaris volunteered at the Round Church, an 11th c. church in the city.  Immediately upon our return, they requested our help once again.  This ministry allows tourists to have a walking tour of Cambridge with a focus on the Christian History of the city.   ( As a volunteer, one greets guests at the door and directs them to the video presentation as well as an exhibit explaining Cambridge’s history back over a  thousand years.  We plan to have our trainees volunteer during the weekends as a way for them to learn the history of the city and interact with visitors.

August 19… Getting Down to Work!

*There are currently 5 young people coming to study the Bible with us and one who may shortly apply.  This will give us a possible total of 6 ( 2 Brits, 3 Americans and one Dutch trainee!),  along with Heather our staff girl!   Since we are running our program in a home rather than a Ywam center there is much planning to be done, from beds and meals to printers and papers.  We are so excited to be getting down to work planning and preparing.  Along with our Revival and Reformation Chronological Bible Core Course (R&RCBCC), Ywam Cambridge’s first Discipleship Training School will begin September 22!  They currently have 3 accepted trainees and 2 pending!  We are praying God will provide a location for them to run this program.  Connie Taylor, our Ywam Cambridge leader, often declares; “We are having twins!”  God is definitely beginning a good work in Cambridge!

Prayer Requests & Thank You’s!

From Visa’s to airplane tickets and students to finances, God has provided for us with miracles and people’s generosity.  With each step of this new endeavor, we are trusting God and thankful for the faithful support of our ministry parters.   We know that it is not us alone who makes what we do possible.  Thank you to those of you who pray for us and support us in our ministry.

Our prayer is that the lives of our six trainees will be greatly impacted and rooted in truth through the 14 week course.
*Please pray that they all will arrive safely with hearts prepared to be transformed by the Word of God.

Our location is also strategic, we want to impact those around us with Truth and see God glorified in this city, especially with the university students.
*Please pray we will be lead to those whose hearts are ready to believe in Jesus and are in need of encouragement. 

*Please pray for our hosts, John & Inge Ruddock as we trust God together for Inge’s health.

*Please pray that God will give Cliff & Amaris wisdom in running the program and for God’s continual provision.

Thank you again!  God bless!