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November in England

Having lived mostly in warm climates, being in England for the Autumn has been brilliant! We love seeing the colors of the leaves turn and the weather grow cooler making gloves, hats and scarfs a necessity rather than a fashion statement.

My parents just left from a wonderful visit and the trainees of the Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC) have finished reading through the Old Testament, are wrapping up their assignment on Ezra, and preparing for our second Outreach Week before “meeting Jesus” in the New Testament.

Now faithful reader, fasten your seatbelt, grab your spectacles and prepare yourself for a pictorial journey through the past month of CBCC Ywam England…

First Outreach Week

Our First Outreach week was October 9-12 and we rented a van and took the whole crew to Hull for the weekend.  (Yes, Cliff drove us for the first time on the Left side of the road!  He did great.) Hull was recently voted the Worst place to live in England 😦 But instead of letting that stand, the churches of Hull got together to have a week of “Believe in Hull”, and we joined in with evangelism, Bible teaching and just hanging out in the community Center.

Outside the Community Center in the evening. Someone had pulled the fire alarm and we all had to wait outside for the fire department to come. False Alarm 🙂
Cliff Bible Storying to young people and our group in Hull.
Taking our group and the leaders of RESPECT, a drop in center in Hull out to breakfast.
Spending time at RESPECT with the young people.
Baliwood dancing with little girls in Hull. It was so fun to join in and dance with the girls. The community center offers a variety of activities to bring the community in.

Our time in Hull was both encouraging to the Community and ourselves.  It was great to see and work with  ministries that “get their hands dirty” and reach out in practical ways.  A Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School was also on outreach in Hull and our group has an opportunity to teach them an Inductive Bible Study seminar.  Personally exciting for me was Friday evening when a talk on Science and Christianity was hosted at the Community Center.  Earlier in the day we went out to the local University in invite people.  I invited an Iraqi guy and he came!  Its always nice to see small outcomes like this.  He was introduced to the center and hopefully he will return and come to know the love of God.  Our group was greatly encouraged by our time in Hull.

Back in Class: Kings- Ezra

We came back from Hull and jumped back into the Bible studying Kings, Hosea, Daniel and Ezra.  Here are some highlights from the past four weeks…

Saturday mornings we often go out on the streets to evangelize. Cliff decided to take the opportunity to Bible Story. It was a first and hopefully the beginning a more public Bible Storying. Our staff girl Heather has the privilege of praying with a Chineese student to receive Jesus. We keep praying for Cambridge and sharing the good news. Its a strategic place as many of these students will go on to be leaders around the world.
Connie, our YWAM Cambridge leader, shares the gospel with a young girl.
Cliff is holding an “Evangelism Bracelet” that we have been giving away in Cambridge. Its a creative way to share the gospel.

Evangelism Bracelet

The evangelism bracelets have six colors that help to share the gospel.  Everyone does them a little differently, but the end goal remains the same- to share the truth about Jesus to people and invite them into relationship with Him.

Simply put, we begin with a GREEN bead that represents the garden.  God created mankind to have relationship with Him.  This is what God wants.  Then the BLACK bead, but man sinned and that sin broke relationship between God and man.  This is a good point to introduce what sin is.  Then the RED bead, but God sent His son Jesus to die for our sin, to the pay the price the we should pay.  The WHITE bead shows that Jesus blood washes us ‘white as snow’ and cleanses us from sin so that we can again come back into relationship with God as He always wanted with the green bead.  Then the BLUE bead, is representative of being washed, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the forgiveness of sins and freedom.  Ending with the YELLOW or GOLD bead, showing now we can live in relationship with God, full of hope and the promise of eternal life.

We’ve found people are usually interested and like the idea of a free bracelet.  The time it takes to tie it on allows them to them is enough to share the story and often leads to conversation.  We’ve been surprised at people’s openness, although there are many who are not interested.  Many say, I have never heard the story told like that and make so much sense.


Church in Madingley 

We have been regulary attending church in Madingley, a short walk from our house. Our hosts attend there and so we have joined as well. It is an Anglican Congregation, small but faithful. Their services are liturgical. Here Cliff has the privilege of reading the second lesson, a portion of scripture from the New Testament. He did very well.
Making friends is something we enjoy, God has put us in contact with many people from different walks of life. Either to encourage or be encouraged, we’ve greatly enjoyed these relationships. One being Steve. He is the caretaker of Madingley Hall, an extension of Cambridge University. We meet him because of his beautiful car, and it resulted in a grand tour of Madingley Hall and tea time, which you see in the picture. Beautiful days such as this are rare in England, enjoy while you can!
photo 1
Our trainee Dalton shares his testimony with Histon Baptist Church. We are planning to teach an Inductive Bible Study Seminar with this congregation on our Second Outreach Week.
Michael and Iris Weitman, Amaris Parents, visit us. Here by the river in Oxford.
We got my parents on bikes in London. Here outside of Buckingham Palace!
Enjoying the future burgers outside Madingley Hall. Amaris has been in charge of the Kitchen and fresh is always best! (and our students are fattening up, as well. Nice work, Amaris!)

Prayer Points

  • 2nd Outreach week:  We have opportunities for our trainees to teach Bible Overviews and Inductive Study to local believers. Pray for their encouragement, equipping, and success.
  • Our last month!  Our trainees will finally be able to fully dig into Jesus’ life, nature, and character, and then the same for Jesus’ body, the Church.  Pray for HUGE REVELATION!!!
  • A 3-week break.  ‘Nuff said.
  • 2 new opportunities in 2014!!!!!:
  1. CaCHE ( finally has a real-life opportunity to create a local university, staffed by local believers!  Academic mentors from several East-central African nations will come together to be trained to facilitate an online college curriculum, and they asked us to direct the training “Bootcamp” in January.  We need tons of prayer, plus support partners.
  2. China and the Philippines:  in February and March, we have been invited to teach in multiple brand-new Bible programs in China, and a new BCC pioneered by one of Amaris’ Philippines staff members. Again, please pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision!

The ministry of great Bible teaching and equipping is growing leaps and bounds throughout the world.  We are finding ourselves at the front of the Chronological program movement- it’s growing like CRAZY, as more and more people are exposed to the fullness of the Bible narrative in the right order.  Thank you for your prayers for Amaris and I!!!!

Happy Together

Happy Together

Cliff and Amaris are enjoying working together in partnership, leading the Chronological Bible Core Course at YWAM LA! Its 2013 and there are good things ahead, including planning a trip to England to run another CBCC!
Thank you Jesus that we are able to work together for your Kingdom Glory!
Oh Happy Day!